Musaeus-LE Power Cord

The Musaeus-LE AC Power Cord is designed and hand-crafted as a more refined Musaeus. It utilizes enhanced metals and refined conductors to lower the cable's resistance. The Musaeus-LE power cord is an excellent replacement for the stock power cord. The music will have more detail and depth, and the presentation will be much more life like!

The Musaeus-LE Power Cord is terminated with the Wattgate US plug or Euro plug and the Wattgate 15 amp IECC. Other plugs can be used upon request to fit the needs of your system.

All Musaeus-LE cables come packaged in a handsome soft case.

Musaeus-LE Power Cord Technical Specifications
Dielectric MaterialP.V.C.
Gauge (effective)14 AWG
Dampening MaterialN/A
Current Capacity DC (cable only)32 A
Current Capacity (overall product)15 A with 15 amp IECC / 20 A with 20 amp IECC
Resistance0.007461 Ω/m
Estimated Break-In Time150 Hours
Cable Diameter1/2 Inch
Connector Type5266i or 360i & 320i
Material TreatmentTriple (3x) Cryomag©

Limited Availability