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Absolute Sound's Golden Ear Award, 2003
Positive Feedback's Brutus Awards, 2007
Stereo Times' Publisher's Choice of Most Wanted Components, 2010
The Absolute Sound's 2011 Editor's Choice
High Fidelity's 2012 Editor's Choice
The Absolute Sound's 2012 Editor's Choice
AV Showroom's Gold Award 2013
AV Showroom's Best Designed Room 2013
PFO's Brutus 2013
Hi-Fi I Muzyka, Cable of the Year, 2013
The Absolute Sound Editor's Choice, 2013
Super AV's Outstanding Overall Performance, 2013
Missed us at RMAF? German Physiks had this to say:

"Jim Aud...a real gentleman and a maker of very fine cables. Once again, Jim very kindly provided us with cables for our system. As Jim's cables were either hidden behind equipment, or tucked into the corner of the room, they did not get the attention they deserved, compared to the larger and so more eye-catching electronics and loudspeakers. This is a shame, as Purist Audio makes extremely good cables. This is the second time we have used Jim's cables and both times they have allowed the system to breathe and really come alive. Highly recommended." Thank you!

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Missed us at Capital Audio Fest on July 26-28? We won the Gold Show award from AVShowrooms! A big thanks to everyone there. It was great getting to see you. Also, be sure and check out this interview with founder Jim Aud!