Purist Audio Design

Luminist AC Extension LE

The Purist Audio Design AC Extension LE is designed and engineered for the perfect blend of form and function to give you additional outlets where you need them! The beautifully precision machined case will add to the overall aesthetic of the system! The unit itself is heavily insulated and dampened to provide an even higher level of passive filtering. We utilized specially tuned ferrites to further defeat EMI. Our engineers also carefully selected and matched Furutech Outlets (either U.S. or Schuko outlets) and IEC Inlet that would meet our high specifications as well as the demanding audiophile's needs. The Purist Audio Design AC Extension LE is the ultimate AC Extension for your system to bring you clean power for amazing sound.

AC Extension LE Specifications
Number of Outlets6 (3 duplex or 6 schuko)
Input Current15 Amp
Output Voltage110V (U.S.) 220V (Euro)
Maximum Length20.0" (50.80 cm)
Maximum Width12.0" (30.48 cm)
Maximum Height5.5" (13.97 cm)
Weight30.0 lbs. (13.61 kg)