Purist Audio Design

AC Power Extension

The Purist Audio Design AC Power Extension is engineered for real-world use and ease of use. From the square foot print that keeps the unit from tipping over to the slight angle of the top to allow for easier access. This is designed with the audiophile in mind. As with all Purist Audio Design products, the form is not without function! We engineered into this AC Power Extension proprietary passive filtering to protect the sound and not interfere with it (as with some active filtering technologies). The internal wiring is the same technology used in our upper line power cords. Thus benefiting from our over 25 years of experience in designing some of the best power cables in the world! Our engineers also carefully selected and matched Furutech Outlets (either U.S. or Schuko outlets) and IEC Inlet that would meet our high specifications as well as the demanding audiophile’s needs. The Purist Audio Design AC Power Extension delivers optimum performance for your prized audio system!

AC Power Extension Specifications
Number of Outlets4 (2 duplex or 4 schuko)
Input Current15 Amp
Output Voltage110V (U.S.) 220V (Euro)
Maximum Length5.125" (13.0 cm)
Maximum Width6.0" (15.24 cm)
Maximum Height3.0" (7.62 cm)
Weight2.5 lbs. (1.13 kg)